Student Basic Leadership Training

Student Basic Leadership Training Experience

So, at this chance, I would like to tell you a story about my Student Basic Leadership Training.
Regarding the Student Basic Leadership Training.... well I will say this easy and straight. That was the worst three days in my life! Yes, the WORST. Even so, it was still a fun experience to tell.  
The first day. We gathered at Pussenif on the 6.30 in the morning. That day was sunny. X Science 3 lined up in a line. We put our extra heavy luggage on the ground. We were laughing and took a lot of pictures, without knowing what will happen next...
The X Science 3 were split into 2 teams. The first half of X Science 3 was on Team A alongside X Science 1 and X Science 2. While the second half of X Science 3 (which I was in) was on Team B alongside X Science 4 and X Science 5.
After that, we lined up once again to execute the morning assembly ceremony. After that, we took some lessons about state defending efforts from the soldiers. We took classes until…


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Tiger originated from the Animalia kingdom, Chordata phylum, Mammalia class, Vertebrata sub class, Carnivora order, Feliformia sub order, Felidae fammily, Panthera genus, and Tigris species.

Today, there a…
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Vivaldi        : “Hi Alvito!” Alvito          : “Hi Valdi!” Vivaldi        : “It’s been tiring for a while. We need some breaks don’t you agree?” Alvito          : “One hundred percent agree! All these tasks makes me dizzy.” Vivaldi        : “So, when is our next school break, anyways?” Alvito          : “I think it’s in September.” Vivaldi        : “So, do you have any plan for holiday?” Alvito          : “Yes, I do!” Vivaldi        : “What’s it?” Alvito          : “I was planning to go to a concert with my friends.” Vivaldi        : “Out of many concerts, which concert is it?” Alvito          : “A rock concert in Jakarta.” Vivaldi        : “Sounds cool.” Alvito          : “So, what will you do on September?” Vivaldi        : “I will hike Jaya Wijaya Moutain with my friends.” Alvito         : “That’s pretty sweet!” Vivaldi        : “Alright then I’ll see you later!” Alvito          : “Bye!” Vivaldi        : “Goodbye!”
Important Person on My Way to SMAN 3 Bandung

There’s always someone that significantly make an impact to your life. It might be a good impact or a negative impact. But at this point I’m going to tell you an impact my junior high school teacher make on my 9th grade.
My junior high school life was full of organization activities. I tend to forgot about my studies and focusing more on Student Council and my Science Club more than my homework and quizzes. I also often skip classes (dispensation) too. No wonder, my grades drop hard on my mid test.
Until one day, my Student Council Caretaker warns me something. “Valdi, you need to study harder if you want to get in to a good school. Prove me that you can get in to Bandung’s best high school.”
Since that day, I work extra hard to get my grades back. I work hard to remove all the ‘D’s on my report card and get my ‘A’s back. I also prepare for the National Examination (UN) even harder. I want to prove that, even though my junior high school life i…

One day at school, Luqman met Valdi. They introduce themselves. This is the first time they met each other because this is their new school. They are one classroom 10 Science 3. 

L        : "Hello!Good Morning!" V        : "Morning!" L        : “Hello! My name is Luqman Ardiseno! You can call me Luqman, May I know your name please?” V       : “Sure, I am Vivaldi, you an call me Valdi. I’m from Bandung” L        : “I am from Bandung, I live at Rajawali street number 4, where do you live?” V       : “I live at Setiabudi street no. 235B” L        : “How old are you?” V       : “I am 14 years old, and you?” L        : “I am 16 years old!” V       : “What’s your hobby?” L        : “I like to sleep” V       : “My hobby is watching TV” L        : “Do you like playing games?” V       : “Yes, I play some of it.” L        : “What games?” Vc: “I play COD: Infinite Warfare, Overwatch, and Adveture Quest. How about you?”
L        : “I just play CSGO” V       : “Let’s play together so…

life story

'Ssup fellas!

The name is Vivaldi Ahmad Setiadi. But I usually goes by the name Valdi. I was born on December 26th, 2002. Which means at this point I am 'only' 14th years old. I am kid number two out of two. I currently attend SHS 3 Bandung which is located on Jl. Kalimantan.I previously attended Labschool Kindergarten, PN Setiabudi Elementary School, and JHS 12 Bandung.

I don't have any specific hobby but I enjoy watching cartoons, especially Gravity Falls, and crime-thriller TV Series. I also a fan of Liverpool FC and a band Imagine Dragons. I enjoy listening any music, as long as the quality is just fine. I also likes to read webtoons (web-cartoon). I also like travelling around the city and taking pictures of the scenery. 

I'm not really the type of person who describe myself so for more information about me go check my social medias down below. 

Instagram: @vivaldiahmadstwitter: @vivaldiahmadsline: vivaldiahmadpath: Vivaldi Ahmadsnapchat: vivahm

That's all fr…